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about wntta{t}

We Need To Talk About This is a weekly newsletter and blog for women on personal growth, news, career, love, and life. Our mission is to make you laugh, make you think, and make you feel a little less alone. We’re imperfect feminists trying to make navigating our 20s and 30s just a little less painful, together. We hang on Wednesday mornings.

wntta{t} was started by, me, Sarah Stockdale in 2018. I needed an outlet to deal with turning 30, adulting, Trump being the goddamn President, and the on fire dumpster of news delivered to my eyeballs every day.

I was having conversations that always started the same way “oh my dear god, we need to talk about {this}. {This} stood for the company we were trying to start, but our imposter syndrome was stopping us, the scary thing the administration just did, a bad boss one of us was dealing with, or the sweaty dude in khaki shorts that just said something creepy to us on the subway.

We were all dealing with our {this}, and talking about it helped. So I started writing about the {this-es} we were going through in a weekly newsletter.

It’s a bit real talk, a bit inspirational, a bit funny, a bit fiery, and no bloody ads. I started sending it to friends every Wednesday. Then people shared it, and more people joined our club. There are thousands of us who spend Wednesday morning together. Now you’re here, which is pretty damn cool. Welcome. I hope you join our weird little club.

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