We need to talk about, But... Will they like me?

Good morning gorgeous, it's so lovely to see you on this summer-is-sorta-holding-on Wednesday. You look like you're feelin' good as hell today and I'm so glad. There are some things we need to catch up on, and some exciting things happening (The Dame is back!!), but before we get into it I want to talk a little about that summertime sadness.

I saw Florence and The Machine this summer and at the top of the show, Florence Nightingale grabbed the mic to say hello to the huge crowd at the Budweiser stage. She shouted “You're here for the High As Hope tour, but I have to admit that I’m really sad Toronto. I know you came for hope and love, but I have to be honest with you about how I’m feeling— and I’m really fucking sad.”

The audience erupted. She was still just as magical as always, but she refused to put up a front for us, she wouldn't filter her emotions to make us more comfortable. She chose to be honest with a room of thousands of people, and it felt so damn real.

Sometimes you have to just feel your feelings. You have to explore the depths of the emotion you’re experiencing instead of trying to think it away. You have to be authentically human about it. Sometimes you have to get on the mic and tell the truth.

Because smiling with your teeth clenched isn’t smiling at all.

You deserve to give yourself space to recognize what your emotions are trying to tell you. They have a message for you, but when we numb it away the truth gets foggy. We don't realize we need a break, or to have a hard conversation, or to make a change. When we allow ourselves to feel, we can uncover our path forward. Sit with how you feel today and write down what you learn.

Just a reminder, whatever you're going through, you're going to get through, darling. That is for damn sure.

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rainforests and assholes

The Amazon rainforest is on fire, and the people responsible for keeping earth's lungs safe, well, those people suck. Here's what's going on— the Amazon has been burning for the last three weeks. So far this year there have been at least 74,000 fires reported in the Amazon, an increase of 84% year over year. The earth, the earth, the earth, is on fire. FUCK.

Unfun fact, the fires aren’t started naturally, the Amazon is usually too wet for fires to start on their own. Guess who? It's humans. Humans start the fires. Of fucking course they do. Farmers start fires to clear brush and debris, illegal loggers start them to cover their crimes, and some are started because humans, in general, suck.

Satellite images tell us that the majority of the fires have been started on agricultural land, where the forest has already been cleared. Did that make you feel comfortable Susan? Well, put down your tea. The fires are burning with an intensity that scientists suspect will lead to further deforestation. COOL.

If you don't know much about Brazil's President, Bolsonaro, allow me to ruin your morning. Bolsonaro is a far-right leader in the Trumpian way. Environmentalists are blaming Balsonaro’s administration for the spike in fires, and they have a point. As part of his platform, Balsonaro took a nuanced approach of “hard nah” on environmental protections for the Amazon. He doesn't believe in climate change and thinks protecting the environment hinders economic growth. Put that money in the grave, amirite? He’s reversed progress on fighting illegal logging, ranching, and mining. During his campaign, he promised to open up the Amazon for commercial use. OH GOOD.

French Prime Minister Emanual Macron called the fires an "international crisis" and put it on the agenda at the G7. This pissed off usually pissed off guy, Bolsanoro, who is now refusing to accept millions in aid from the G7 countriesto fight the fires. Oh, and Balsonaro dissed Macron’s wife. Is this a rap battle or the two men determining the fate of AIR.

If you feel angry and helpless, I get it, and I'm there with you. The best way to combat the feeling of anger and helplessness is to do something. Here are some ideas:

1. Donate to the WWF to help protect Amazon Wildlife.
2. Donate to The Rainforest Action Network.
3. Reduce your beef intake; our beef supply is directly linked with deforestation.
4. Call your local representative to remind them you care about environmental justice.


The Dame is BACK
The Dame Tips are a monthly guest series by wntta’s resident Don Draper: an elegant hedonist who suffers no fools, The Dame herself, writer Ali Schofield.

(...) The one thing I absolutely know for certain is that you never know what will happen. Whatever route you take to finding love, your attitude is the most important part. Be open, my dear, and take care of yourself. Take breaks. Don’t judge a book by its cover, difficult though that may be in the superficial age of swiping right. You have one life, my darling – at the very least fill it with good stories of a person with excellent character. Such a person is bound for love: love from a partner, love from friends, love of self.

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