We need to talk about no ceilings

Good morning gorgeous. It's been a hot second since we had a coffee and there is a lot to catch up on. Next week will be a mini-wntta{t} as I will be trying to practice what I preach and take a vacation.

wntta{t} is also planning to come at you live this fall, so if your company is interested in sponsoring that action, hit us up at partners@weneedtotalkabouthis.com. But before all that, a note on limiting your own potential.

We talk a lot about glass ceilings, and we should, they’re bullshit. But there is another type of ceiling that gets a lot less attention, and it’s responsible for a lot of unrealized potential— the ceiling we place on our own worthiness.

I’ve watched 22-year-old dudes with OK brains and no experience go FULL THROTTLE at their dreams. I’ve watched them confidently ask millionaires to invest in them. I’ve watched them screw it up. I’ve watched them, jaw gaping, shrug it off and try again. They fail right on up.

There is something in there that many of us have never experienced— feeling a deep sense of worthiness from a very young age. Those brotatoes believe with every bone in their bodies, that they are worth investing in. That they are deserving of success and money and fame. That if you don’t give it to them, they’ll find someone who will.

I don’t know many women, people of color, or queer people like that. We haven’t been trained for that entitlement. We don’t have the shelving for that blinding self-esteem. We qualify our dreams. We ask what is possible, what is logical, what do I deserve.

I call it the worthiness gap. Those of us on the margins aren’t born believing unequivocally in ourselves. We have to work at it. We have to actively stop ourselves from limiting our growth. We have to train our brains out of thinking small.

Here’s something I want you to try: think fucking BIG.

What could you do if you believed that you deserved not just a slice of the pie, but the whole damn thing? Write it down. Don’t temper your ambition, let it flow out of you. Allow yourself the space to explore the edges of your potential.

Now close your eyes and say this with me:
I am capable.
I am worthy.
I am powerful.
My potential is vast and I will participate fully in realizing it.

Make it a mantra. Say it every day.

Now go into your Wednesday with the confidence of a 22-year-old Travis, and slay.

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An Ontario violin teacher, Claude Trachy was acquitted last year of 51 sexual assault charges. His students testified that Tracy had them take off their clothing so he could "measure" them for their instruments, played with their breasts, and made molds of them. *smashes violin to splinters* That sounds like a series of awful crimes, so why the hell was he acquited? A judge, Justice Thomas Carey, decided it was totally legit that he'd need to touch the boobs of children to do his job TEACHING VIOLIN, and let him go.

Before you set his lawn on fire, the trial went back to court on appeal, and yesterday Trachy was convicted for the assaults of 20 out of the 21 survivors. The case is going to sentencing now.

There is some justice in the world, if not delayed and hair-pullingly, nauseatingly delayed. Dudes named Judge Thomas Carey shouldn't get to decide it anymore, he should resign.


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It's today babes, the day we've all been not-so anxiously awaiting, today is the Mueller testimony. *confetti toss*. Put on your beige-est pants and your no-nonsense-dad grimace. It's Mueller time. Robert Mueller will testify today at 8:30 am on Trump's attempts to obstruct justice, weirdness and lies by Attorney General William Barr, and Russian collusion in the 2017 election. The Democrats are hoping PEOPLE WILL PAY ATTENTION. The Republicans hope we take a hard pass. We should pay attention.

Something to make you laugh
Julio Torres is simply too much.

Something for a guilty pleasure
Madame Clairevoyant predicts your astrological future (for this week).

Something to make you smash your teacup
Boris Johnson is the new British Prime Minister. He's a Trumpian muppet who will orchestrate Britain's exit from the EU. That is not a good thing.

Something to keep up
Lovett or Leave It is my all-time favorite podcast not about murder.

Something to get you through
A mantra for anxiety:
This is not you. This is something moving through you. It can leave out of the same door it came in.

- Cleo Wade

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