We need to talk about Donald

Good morning gorgeous, it's so lovely to see you on this warm summer morning. You're looking fresh today! This week was an absolute careening dumpster fire of legitimately scary nonsense. From the crisis at the border wall, to another Trump accuser coming forward, to the US almost going to war with Iran (?!)— 2019 requires breathing into a paper bag. Wuuusaaaa. But before we get into it, I want to talk a little bit about decorating our lives.

A lot of us, myself included do something counterproductive to our growth— we live like interior designers, trying to Extreme Home-Makeover our lives. We look at our situation and wonder what the better version would look like— the better title, the upgraded apartment, the money, the gold stars. We set goals and work toward them, checking things off the list as we upgrade them. We think the upgrades will make us feel differently about our lives, but when we get the new thing it doesn’t change us like we’d hoped it would. We absorb it into our lives and immediately look to the next achievement.

We’ve got it backward.

The gratification of the makeover wears off far too quickly, and we're left feeling empty. We need to stop decorating our lives, instead, we need to garden them.

The people with the best lives aren’t the ones constantly upgrading them, they are the ones tending to them. They create, nurture relationships, and care for their lives in ways that have longevity. They plant a lot of seeds in their lives and are ok with the fact of life and nature that some of them may never bloom.

Good lives are gardened.

Part of our garden needs to be about investing in ourselves, in our own growth and development. This looks like learning, self-discovery, self-development, therapy, and care. The work is consistent, and the rewards aren't immediate, but the payoff is much richer than the quick buck.

Part of our garden needs to be about investing in other people; building them up, helping educate them, and caring for them. Knowing that maybe, just when we need it, that energy may be returned to us. Sometimes I’ve forgotten I’ve planted a seed. I helped someone with their career 5 years ago and forgotten about it, only to have them turn around at the right moment and send an opportunity my way, or introduce me to the person I needed to know.

Part of our garden needs to be planting seeds for our future selves. Determining what we want our life to look like in 10 years, and starting to plant those seeds of work today. Gardening isn't glamorous, it's hard dirty work and there is often literal shit involved. Cultivating an incredible life isn't easy or straightforward, and it won't happen without our active participation in the hard parts.

When your seeds are everywhere, there is always something waiting to bloom.
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We need to talk about borders and babies

Over 2,000 migrant children are being held at the US border, some as young as two and a half months old. Let that sink in for a moment... some of us went to high schools smaller than that. These are children who came unaccompanied, or who were separated from family members, and are being held for weeks despite the law stating that they can’t be held for longer than 72 hours. Have you thrown something yet? Put down the antique clock, Bethany, it gets worse.

This week we found out more about the places they’re being held, and everyone should hold on to their stomachs because it’s infuriatingly awful.

Last week lawyers demanded access to a Clint, Texas facility, and conducted an investigation. They found kids sleeping on concrete. They found kids who were waking up at night because they were hungry. They found a total lack of sanitary care for 350 children. So they blew the whistle and made their findings public. Good. This isn’t an isolated incident, we also have intel from a lawyer who visited an El Paso location that it’s just as bad. A doctor described the conditions as comparable to torture facilities. This is happening in the US right the fuck now.

Most of the children have been moved to a detention tent camp in El Paso, but that doesn't solve the fundamental problem. Without immediate and drastic action, the US will continue to abuse and traumatize migrant children indefinitely. The acting commissioner of Customs and Border Patrol resignedand apparently, it’s unrelated. Yeah, I’m sure it is.

This crisis is a result of the Trump administration’s racist Zero Tolerance Policy on border crossing that was put into effect last May— which dictated that adults crossing between border checkpoints are criminally charged and locked up in federal jail and separate them from their children.

This isn’t a small problem, AOC is calling the detention centers concentration camps. This is serious. We all need to get off of our collective butts and get in the game. One way to do this is to donate to RAICES, the organization helping separated families at the border.

American friends, don’t just tweet, get your elected officials on the blower. Tell them you want immediate action. Tell them you’re watching them.

History has its eyes on us.

Oh, and another thing.
Wayfair, the purveyors of furniture for a lukewarm life, is being used by the US government to buy beds for the detention camps. Wayfair employees are not cool with their company profiting off of the horrific treatment of migrant children,
so they’re walking out tomorrow.

Something to make you feel
Brené Brown teaches us the anatomy of trust.

Something necessary for today
Todrick Hall is so fab, he's gone with the wind bitch

Something to make you BREAK SOMETHING
This week we learning about another woman who the President sexually assaulted, a well-known writer, Jean Caroll. The press didn't cover it enough this week, so much so that the New York Times had to apologize for not taking the story seriously.

Something to listen to
My entrepreneurial friend Winy Bernard is launching her podcast ICE (Innovators, Creators, and Entrepreneurs). She's focused on telling the stories of cultural shifters from underrepresented communities. And her voice is like butter.

Something to get you through
When I see people stand fully in their truth, or when I see someone fall down, get back up, and say, ‘Damn. That really hurt, but this is important to me and I’m going in again’—my gut reaction is, ‘What a badass.’
- Brené Brown

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