We need to talk about unwanted Ivanka

Good morning gorgeous. It's so delightful to see you on this warm summer morning. Go grab an iced latte and pull up a cushion, a lot has happened since we last chatted. Before we dig into the sheer calamity of our world, let's talk a hot sec about putting yourself out there.

A lot of us have some form of magic in us that we’ve decided to keep to ourselves. People we love tell us to just put it out there, to put our writing, our art, our gifts into the world. But out there is a scary space. What is out there? Probably snakes, we think, and stay on our living room couch.

Why should I be vulnerable with my work if I can’t control what will happen next? Here’s the point where, instead of taking a peek out into the unknown, we decide to remain right where we are. I know what’s in here, but I don’t know what’s out there. Here is safe. Out there is scary.

Out there they can judge your work. But what will they say? We all worry about this shadowy they a lot. Maybe they’re people you went to school with or people you grew up with. We worry about them, so we keep our gifts, our creativity, our writing, our art, and what we were put on this earth to create in here. Because out there, they can judge it.

We can’t let the trolls determine our life paths, or we’ll all be living under fucking bridges.

Remember, there are other theys out there too. The people who need to hear what you have to share. The people who need your art to help them heal. The people who need your company to exist to solve their problem, and the people you'd inspire by living just a tiny bit more bravely.

They need your magic. They need you more than your ex, or your high school bully, or the people you went to university with who might whisper. Fuck the trolls, there are people more important who need your art. You’re doing them a disservice by keeping your gifts locked inside. That's the they who needs you.

Change the they you make decisions for, and you’ll change everything.

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Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.
— - Leonard Cohen


Ugh, Facebook, the festival portapotty of the internet. Last week we found out about one of the grossest turds in there. A Facebook group of current and former US Border Patrol agents called I'm 10-15, a reference to the code for aliens in custody, was uncovered by ProPublica. The group has 9,500 members, which is roughly half of all Border Patrol staff— so you'll be tickled fucking furious when you find out what's in there.

The people who are running the detention centers we talked about last week are posting news about migrant deaths at the border, followed by gifs like the Elmo "oh well", and commenting "If they die, they die". They're mocking photos of migrants who lost their lives fleeing over the border.

If we've learned anything from this group, it's that the people running the US borders are desensitized, racist, and violent. The detention centers need to be shut down before more children die, and the Border Patrol needs to clean their disgusting house.

US friends, call your Congressperson. These guys (and they are mostly guys) aren't fucking around, and they're going to harm a lot more vulnerable people if we don't stop them.


The G20 was held on Friday and Saturday— it's a summit for 20 of the world's most powerful nations to have productive policy conversations on women's empowerment, climate change, and to throw shade at Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump, winner of Miss. American White House 2019, was in attendance— and the shocking nepotism of the daughter of the President attending was met with a global *mouth fart*. Being part of the incredibly high-level policy discussions at the G20 is an honor usually held for only the most qualified diplomats and experts who can contribute substantively to the talks. Ivanka's unpaid US administration role "Special Advisor", past tacky retail brand building experience, possible real estate money laundering and shadiness around how she got a security clearance, doesn't qualify her for the gig.

This prompted Erin Ryan to start the #UnwantedIvanka viral hashtag, where people added a dash of Ivanka's signature lewk into photos where no one asked her to come. It's fun as hell.

44531699-2426-4dfc-b020-0b58bdfba1ae (1).png

Here's the thing, anytime a woman is harshly criticized for doing her thing we should look for signs of sexism. Would the criticism be more muted if it was Jared Kushner? Probably, an animate-boat-shoe would fit in better with the crowd. But this is a rare time that the woman-is-unqualified thing checks right the fuck out. Ivanka, stick with what your best at and be sure not let us know about it when you figure out what that is.

Something to make you slow down
I usually don't share my own stuff on here, but some of you reached out and asked me to, and so here goes. I gave a talk on my biggest life fuckup a few months ago, and if you're feeling exhausted it's probably something you should hear.

Something to make you laugh
Hoodo Hersi isn't who you think she is...

Something to make you think
Facebook claiming to do something good for the world is a red flag.

Something to listen to now
Titus Burgess makes a damn good sea witch.

Something to make you laugh/weep
Before you call out our hypocrisy, let us remind you, we don't care

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