We need to talk about teaching Dougie

Good morning gorgeous, welcome to your Wednesday. I'm so happy to see you this morning, you're looking inspired today because looks aren't everything Sarah. Today we're taking a small break from the firehose of absolute hot garbage that is our political life to chat about the anger that this climate has created, and what to do with it.

Women (and people who care about women) in my life are angry. Not just angry, they're furious. Me too. In this political climate, it's hard not to be. I’ve been looking for guidance on what to do with that anger, and I found a podcast episode from Sister Joan Chittister on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. She said this:

I see anger as grace.
I’m a woman.
Don’t tell me not to be angry about the suppression of women everywhere, all colors, all languages, all places.
I wouldn’t give up that anger for anything.
It’s fuel.
It will keep me going on behalf of women when I'm 10 inches away from the edge of the grave.
I will not give up.

It stopped me in my tracks. I had been trying to find a way to help the women in my life exorcise their anger. I was doing what I was told.

We’re taught to push the anger it down, bury it.
Your fury isn't sexy, so make it go away.
Your rage isn't ladylike, so get some crystals and work that shit out.

We're taught that our anger makes people uncomfortable, so it isn't an emotion available to us. Make them comfortable. Grit your teeth and smile dammit, you’re making it weird.

But that's not how anger works. Anger isn't something to exorcise or bury, it's something to follow. It can be a map of what needs changing in our lives. It can show us what our nonnegotiables are. It gives us a valuable signal that something is wrong. It shows us what we're passionate enough about to get up and do something about. Our anger can mobilize us, it can motivate us to act.

When we push it down, we miss that signal. When we numb our anger with food, or booze, or sex, or shopping— we miss the opportunity to change something that needs our intervention.

There is intelligence in your fury. Listen to it. What request does your anger have? Does it need you to make a change in your personal life? Is it alerting you to something wrong up in the world? Figure out what your anger is asking for and why. Then when you need to, get up and act.

I agree with Sister Joan Chittister, I wouldn’t give up this anger for anything.

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We need to talk about some rare good news

The news cycle has been an on fire dumpster careening out of control, from states in the US restricting abortion access to some Conservatives MPs in Canada attending an anti-choice rally— it’s been a lot. For a palate cleanser, here is a non-terrible thing going down.

Doug Ford Backing Down

Doug Ford isn’t known for nuance, active listening, or complete sentences— but something a bit surprising happened this week: he did some of those things. Kind of. Ford has been hearing backlash on his proposed cuts from everything from major healthcare budget slashes in Toronto to cuts to child care services and education. His poll numbers are revealing the people of Ontario aren’t really dtf with taking away trivial things like water quality control, and disease outbreak prevention. Shocking.

Anyway, he’s backing off and taking time to talk with municipalities about the proposed cuts. Discussing? Listening? Is this an episode of Black Mirror? Whatever it is, we’ll take our clean drinking water and RUN.

Of course, it isn’t all roses and adequate disease prevention, Ford is still cutting funding for Legal Aid, which will put low-income people and communities of color (who are more regularly targeted by police) at risk. Right, and he’s still increasing class sizes. There’s the guy we know, and…well, know.


The Raptors are going to the NBA finals for the first time in franchise history. After a STUNNING win on Saturday, Canadians celebrated like, well, Canadians. The city threw down hard, but no one was arrested or injured. If you're haven't hopped onto this particular bandwagon, allow me to extend a formal invitation.

Something to jam to
Remember Dance Mix 95? We're bringing it back.

Something to make you laugh
Dating for Emily Heller was like playing Mario Kart, monster after monster after monster...

Something to stay informed
My friends at Pressed write an awesome daily email to give you the news you need to know, with a refreshing Canadian angle. I read it every morning. You can sign up here.

Something to make you vote
"I won't reopen the abortion debate" Andrew Scheer reiterates while winking, nodding, and miming being pregnant.

Something to make YOUR HEART GO ON
Celine Dion can make anything dramatic.

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