We need to talk about resting Nancy face

Good morning gorgeous. It's so lovely to see you on this damn fine, and still freezing cold, morning in February. As we inch, ever so slowly, toward the sweet relief of spring— let's talk a bit about making life changes.

I told a room of university students once to stop using the term “career path”. It’s a nonsense phrase invented by university professionals trying to corral us into a really boring narrative. You choose a degree, and that degree dictates one of 3 jobs you can have, and you’ll pretty much do that until you die. If you made a 10-year plan, and you knew each career move you’d make, each important milestone you’d hit, and you followed it to the letter— what a boring ass life you’d lead.

*yawn* how dull.

Your career isn’t a path, it’s a map. If you don’t like the road you’re on, you can get off and take a new road.

Sometimes adult life feels like you’re driving down a dark road at night. You can see a bit of the way, enough to know that you’re not doing a Thelma and Louise, but not enough road to see the destination.

Not knowing what’s up next is scary— and it’s a bit scarier when you’re working hard to get to a destination that’s still shrouded in a bit of fog and mystery. It’s natural to get frustrated, the kind of “what the fuck is this all for” kind. In those moments you have to lean into the unknown and have some trust that if you just keep driving, you’ll end up somewhere interesting.

Some of us are on highways, and some of us are on country roads, there is no right way to get there. Don’t judge your journey against anyone else’s. And if you don’t like the road you’re on, you can take an off-ramp and do something else— because you, my friend, are holding the damn wheel.

When you are feeling stuck, remember that there is more road there, even if you can only see 3 feet. Keep going. Trust that the path will reveal itself.

And while you’re on this weird little road trip, stop off at the world’s biggest rocking chair or some shit, ‘cause that’s the adventure part, baby.


We need to talk about a little courage
A story broke last night that the House voted to stop Trump’s emergency declaration. Quick reminder: back in January which is like 3 dog years ago, Trump shut down the US government to try to strong-arm Democrats into giving him $5 billion dollars to fund his racist wall. We think it’s because haunted Stepford wife, Ann Coulter, made fun of him. This guy would have been easy pickings at recess.

At 35 days, it was the longest shutdown in US history, and also the stupidest! Trump reopened the government with his tail between his legs after over a month of terrible news coverage from both the left and the alt-right— the only thing that makes him do anything, really.

Now, we know walls don’t work but Trump wasn’t ready to give up on his childhood dream of telling immigrants from seeking asylum to fuck off. Last week he approved a spending bill and promptly declared a National Emergencywhich enables a President, in times of crisis, to draw funds from other areas of government. He’ll be using his tiny Cheeto fingers to grab funds from totally unnecessary departments like disaster relief for Texas, California and Puerto Rico. Cool cool cool.

Yesterday Congress told Trump he can fuck off, in a bipartisan way. *dabs eyes* This gives me hope. Specifically, Congress voted to overturn the National Emergency declaration with 12 angry Republicans crossing the party line. The Resolution of Disapproval, which is also what Nancy Pelosi calls her resting face, now goes to the Senate. This will force Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority leader and scrotum-necked turtle, to call a vote.

This inevitably means more lawsuits for Trump, which I guess is his jam? Anyway, hold onto your panties and hope friends, we’re in for an interesting fight.

We need to talk about Jussie
A few weeks ago we wrote about Jussie Smollett just after news broke that he was assaulted in a seemingly racist and homophobic attack in Chicago. Believing survivors is important, so many rushed to Jussie’s defense. As time went on, and more details were released about the attack it got stranger and stranger… Now, police have arrested Smollett for hiring his attackers; fabricating his attack. It’s a bizarre story involving a Nigerian personal trainer, and a legit rehearsal of an assault. *deeply tired sigh*

This story gave fuel to Fox racists and hate-crime-deniers and has been the darling of the alt-right machine for a week. This story may fuel other hoaxes and conspiracy theories, and we don’t need any more of that shit.

Here’s the thing— Jussie lives in a world of faux-Kardashian drama, manufactured relationships, and publicity stunts. The celebrity-industrial complex doesn’t value reality, it values attention. Jussie wanted some of that action and took a damaging and selfish approach to get it. He drew attention away from real survivors. He used the pain of others as a platform. He did a disgusting thing. We should still believe survivors.

A PSA: fabricating racially motivated crimes is something that goes back a long time. Two-thirds of all fabrications are made up by white people to criminalize people of colour.

Something to make you laugh
Translucent nostrils?! Men aren’t allowed to write about women’s bodies until we figure out what the hell is going on.

Something to make you think, laugh, and facepalm
White Savior: The Movie Trailer

Something to make you think
The trauma of an underpaid Facebook moderator.

Something to make you smile-cry
Olivia Coleman’s Oscar acceptance speech is perfect, she makes a fart noise, it’s so friggin great.

Something to get you through
It’s very hard to have ideas. It’s very hard to put yourself out there, it’s very hard to be vulnerable, but those people who do that are the dreamers, the thinkers and the creators. They are the magic people of the world.”
― Amy Poehler

Thank you for popping by this morning, friend! Please bring a new friend to the campfire next week. Why?

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