We need to talk about Priests in our panties

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Before we get into it, a bit on goddamn "appetite suppressant lollipops" and the real work of self-love.

It’s summer, and even though the weather hasn’t gotten the memo yet, it’s going to get warm. Warmness is a trigger for a lot of us. We were brought up in an era of low-fat cottage cheese, spray margarine and waif-thin models with jutting hip bones in low cut jeans. Now isn't much better. We live in an era of keto diets, Instagram celebrity, FaceTune, and goddamn Kardashians selling us bowel-issue-causing tea every time we open our phones. Really, you drink that shit, Kendall? I don’t believe you, get the hell out of my phone.

Sometimes it’s hard to be body positive. “Love your body” is a great t-shirt slogan, but anyone who says they love their body every minute of the day is probably selling you something. Unlearning a lifetime of toxic beliefs about our bodies is really fucking hard.

Self-love isn’t a slogan or a hashtag, it’s a practice. And like everything else we practice, it takes work. We have to consciously interrupt our shitty thoughts about ourselves. We have to deconstruct our deeply rooted belief systems about what beauty looks like. Loving yourself requires an unlearning and an unraveling.

Like everything we do that’s hard, we’re going to fuck it up. We’re going to talk down to ourselves because that’s what we learned to do from a much too young age. Don't feel guilty because you didn't live up to your body positive goals. Just keep trying, keep challenging the voices in our heads, and the voices in the heads of our mothers and friends and daughters. We have to practice self-love on ourselves every day to make it real.

Remember that your body is a vessel. It’s the ship you get to voyage through this one wild and beautiful life. Celebrate it. Show it the same love and care you’d show your best friend.

And remember, in a world that wants you to be pretty, and thin, and fictional, you are real.

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If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important Rule of Beauty.
“Who cares?”
- Tina Fey

Priests in our panties

Femm is a women’s fertility app, health tracker, and a place to input your personal health data downloaded by 400,000 women. Except it’s not that. This week The Guardian released an investigative story revealing that Femm is backed by an anti-gay, anti-abortion Catholic charity, The Chiaroscuro Foundation, and Sean Fielder, a Catholic hedge funder. Unfun fact: Mike Pence, and what happens when the color beige becomes a real boy, accepted campaign donations from Fielder.

So the app that asks me the last time I had sex is actually a bunch of old white religious dudes hell-bent on controlling my uterus? Forgive me, Father, for I am pissed.

You can guess what comes next. The 400,000 women who downloaded the app we’re being encouraged to use a natural method of birth control because I guess effective birth control is for hussies.

Natural birth control methods and “fertility awareness” do not work. One more time for the dudes trying to control our bodies in the back: the calendar method IS NOT BIRTH CONTROL. It has a failure rate that causes 25 unintended pregnancies in 100. That’s a whole elementary school class of kids whose parents thought they were, uh, controlling their birthing.

Two of the app's "medical advisors" deserve to have their titles put in air quotes. Neither is licensed to practice medicine in the US, and one of them did their postdoc at a college that is, uh, no longer a college. Sounds solid.

Femm and the right-wing asshats behind it gave women all over the world bad medical advice that may have led to countless unintended pregnancies. And they're still doing it. The religious right is getting into the innovation game, and we best be ready to call out their dangerous nonsense every step of the way. Uninstall.

 Missing and murdered Indigenous women

Yesterday, Prime Minister Trudeau acknowledged the findings of the Commission into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and accepted that the violence inflicted on MMIW amounted to genocide— a key finding in their report. We don't know how many women have Indigenous women have gone missing between the 80s and now, but we know it's at least 1,181. First Nations, Métis, and Inuit women are 12x more likely to go missing than other women, which is horrifying.

The report has only been out since Monday and can be found in full here. As Canadians, we should all read it and decide what we can individually do to help, and how we're going to push our representatives for safety, protection, and justice for Indigenous women and girls. We can start by calling our MPsand letting them know we're paying attention, we're outraged, and we want action taken now.

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Something to get you through
Never delude yourself into believing that you require someone else's blessing (or even their comprehension) in order to make your own creative work. And always remember that people's judgments about you are none of your business.
Elizabeth Gilbert

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