We need to talk about halfway to Beyonce

Good morning gorgeous. It’s so lovely to see you each and every Wednesday morning. You’re looking fresh as hell, and I know today is going to be a beautiful one. Grab a comfy chair and a coffee, it’s time we caught up. First, put on Lizzo's new album, it's a mood today. Before we get into the careening dumpster fire that is our world, we're going to talk a bit about getting halfway to Beyoncé. If you'd rather listen to this bit, here is the audio clip (slowly trying new things ya'll).

This weekend I watched the Beyoncé documentary. Didn't we all? We see a lot of Beyoncé’s finished products- mind-blowing performances, incredible albums, Versace gorgeousness. It's all so shiny and beautiful, we forget the grit it took to make it real. For Beychella, the Queen worked for 8 months on the performance. 8 months for two hours!! It was a slap in the face with a fish and a reminder that nothing worthy comes easy.

We live in a culture of immediacy. Of ‘overnight’ success, purchased influence, particleboard furniture and ghostwriters. But nothing worthy of an audience happens like that. Nothing worthy of separating someone from their hard earned money is made quick and dirty. The really good shit is built, brick by fucking brick.

I have a friend who is a chef on TV, and she’s killing it. Every time a friend who doesn’t know her comments on it, it goes something like this: “How great is it that everything is going so well for her?”.

I want to scream, it’s no fucking accident, Karen. It’s going so well because she is making it go well. She works harder than any sweaty smug bro teaching me how to make guac for the 1000th time. It’s avocados, tomato and onion Brayden, you didn’t land a man on the fucking moon.

Every time you see someone killing the game, remember the 8 months you didn’t see. Maybe you’re in month 3 of your 8 and getting tired. You might not even know you're not supposed to be done yet, most of our projects feel like they should be done when the reality is we're only 50% there. It’s ok to rest, to vacation and to break, but don’t give up. You might be halfway to Beyoncé. How much art has this world missed out on because someone gave up halfway to Beyoncé?

You deserve to see what you can do when you put your whole self into it. Refuse to give up halfway. Now go build your queendom, brick by fucking brick.

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We need to talk about getting down with the sickness

When you want to bury a story, you announce it late on a Thursday afternoon before a holiday. That's what the Ontario government did this past weekend, with a big hairy announcement about healthcare for Ontario, and specifically the 6ix. Ford's government plans to slash Toronto's health care budgets by $1 billion over the next 10 years, implementing cuts that will impact all of Ontario's health units across the province. There isn't a joke for that because government policy that can kill people isn't fucking funny. *swipes everything off the table*

The plan is to consolidate 35 public health units into 10. Because when it comes to our health, less is more, right? Specifically being targeted by the cuts are disease prevention, immunization, daycare quality checks, and water quality testing. Because in the biggest measles outbreak in a century, and with antivaxers spreading their dangerous nonsense— what we really need is cuts to immunization. 18th-century diseases for everyone!

Toronto is about to have a $86 million funding gap for healthcare, with greatly reduced cost sharing between the city and province. Guess what happened the last time we did that shit? The Walkerton E. coli outbreak, and SARS. Ford is the Oprah of preventable diseases. You get the swine flu, and you get the swine flu!

Call your MPP and tell them you want healthcare funding restored in Ontario, and you'll vote their ass out if they don't protect our water and our children.

Only exes that I care about are in my fucking chromosomes.
- Lizzo

We need to support each other
wnttaers doing cool shit

  • WOM_N TO: a deck of feminist tarot cards of amazing Toronto women by friend of wntta Nataleigh Ballantyne.

  • Sunday Showers: a shower for achievement, organized by our friends Emily Key and Avery Francis with incredible speakers like wntta friends Avery Swartz, Karlyn Percil, and Lauren McPhillips.

  • Mary's Kitchen Crush: a Bell Media TV show by our friend, and boss ass chef Mary Berg (with seriously awkward cameos by yours truly). Debuts Sunday at 7pm 'cause our girl is primetime.

Something to keep up
JVN recaps episode 1 on Gay of Thrones. It's kind of like Stepmom, but everyone is related and there's no terminal cancer.

Something to make you think
After the horrific Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka that killed 300+ people, the government shut down social media sites, fearing misinformation and more violence. Even though the free flow of information is a democratic necessity, Kara Swisher's first thought was "good".

Something to make you happy weep
Netflix Original movies can suck, this one is so funny and so beautiful.

Something on repeat
Lizzo and Missy Elliot fuck it up to the tempo. But, this whole album though. Get it in your life.

Something to get you through
To engender empathy and create a world using only words is the closest thing we have to magic.
― Lin-Manuel Miranda

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