We need to talk about creepy Uncle Joe

Good morning gorgeous, welcome to the first hump day of April! Grab a latte and a blanket and get cozy, it's time for our weekly catchup. First off, a huge congratulations to Kari Bell who won the book challenge! We'll be in touch :)

Before we dig into the nonsense of old white guys named Doug and Joe, let's talk a little bit about our dreams.

I went to a Muse show this week, and I’ve had a lyric stuck in my head ever since.

You’ve been bitten by someone who’s hungrier than you.

This lyric hasn’t left my brain because it tells the truth.

I talk to women all the time in coffee shops, in living rooms and in yoga studios. They talk about the magic they have in them. Something they need to create, write, launch but just… haven’t yet. Time, money, inspiration, there is always a reason it’s still in them. Magic rattling around in their brain, looking for a way out into the world.

And then the inevitable happens, someone else does it. Not exactly the thing, but something close enough. Someone else writes the book, builds the app, launches the company. Not someone better, more talented, or smarter— just someone who, instead of not doing it, did it.

You’ve been bitten by someone who’s hungrier than you.

Now, this doesn’t mean there is less opportunity left over. There is enough space in this world for everyone's art to live in it. Success isn’t a measure of intelligence, or creativity, or even talent. It’s usually just a measure of doing the damn thing. Working your brilliance. Sharing your gifts. Taking the scary and vulnerable step of letting your magic out of your head and into the world. It’s work, it’s a grind. That’s why the hungriest among us win.

The question you have to ask that art rattling around in your brain is: how hungry are you?

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So this, I believe, is the central question upon which all creative living hinges: Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?”
― Elizabeth Gilbert

We need to talk about teaching Dougie

Filed under things that happen when you elect an oily used car salesman to public office, Doug Ford is back at it (it being, I guess, his job) with new cuts to the Ontario public education system. The changes include increased intermediate and high school class sizes, because learning is a real mob activity, and new math and sex ed curriculum. We get our sex ed from Big Mouth now, gather round the TV children and Nick Kroll will explain consent...

These cuts will directly impact teachers and support workers. The Toronto District School Board projects this will lead to 800 high school teaching jobs lost in the city, and the Ontario Secondary Teachers Federation pegs the cuts at5,500 teachers who will lose their jobs. Can you imagine trying to educate 15-year-old hormone pressure cookers? We shouldn't fire these people, we should give them a cookie and a damn raise.

A man who dropped out of Humber college two months in, Ford doesn't "get" why we're all so worried about education. He started targeting Ontario's education system early, by slashing the cap and trade program, which was going to bring millions of dollars of revenue to make upgrades to schools. He then removed post-secondary tuition assistance for low-income families. Looks like Homer, acts like Mr. Burns.

Ford thinks we should learn math the way he did, making change for hash deals out of the back of an Oldsmobile. High school students across Ontario don't agree. They've planned a massive walkout and protest happening tomorrow called #StudentsSayNo. They've started a change.org petition that already has 50,000 signatures. The future looks bright, despite Ford's efforts. Now, let's support these amazing kids and help them get their education back.

We need to talk about Joe

When you find out Joe Biden is creepy with women.


In a piece published by The Cut last week, Lucy Flores, a former Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada, told a story about Biden being gross. While backstage at a campaign event, Biden came close behind her, put his hands on her shoulders, smelled her hair, and kissed her head. He smelled her hair?! *creeped out shiver*

Biden has a bit of a history of creeptastic behaviour, like this, and all of these. He even has a nickname for it, Creepy Uncle Joe. Pelosi is ticked. Hey! How about we don't elect men who are inappropriate with women to office (anymore)?! Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are looking pretty damn good right now...

Something to make you think
Trevor Noah answers a question about reparations and privilege and he’s right on the money (literally).

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*sings* Young, gay, republicaaaaan.

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OK Stop, Tucker Carleson

Something to get you through
Name the thing that's stopping you. Is it a fear of failing? Fear of being seen? Is it someone in your life, or something that was said to you a long long time ago? Name it, then decide to thrive in spite of it.

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