We need to talk about a hard knock life (for us)

Good morning gorgeous! Grab a hot cup of coffee and a comfy spot, it's time for our weekly catchup. The 5 years of winter we've been blanket-forting and bathroom-crying our way through is almost done! We deserve it, these past few days were both a kick in the teeth and a lesson in Trump Teflon nonsense. Nothing bloody sticks to that guy. Before we dig in, a bit on intuition.

Your gut knows. It knows when you’re working hard at a job that isn’t right for you. When you’re being undervalued. When the path isn’t right. It knows when the person you’re in a relationship with isn’t aligned with your soul, or when it’s time to make a change.

Our gut is our internal GPS.

It's trying to guide us well. It’s the tiny voice in your head that whispers this feels right, or hell to the no, bitch. It reads people really well. It’s the part on a first date that whispers this dude is batshit, get the fuck outta here, Karen. It calls us on our bullshit. It is aligned with our subconscious needs. It recognizes patterns before we can. It isn’t always rational, but it is usually right. It’s trying to show us the path and to steer us toward happiness.

We mostly ignore it.

Modern life makes it easy to ignore our internal GPS. Alcohol quiets your gut with a woozy calm. Money talks loudly over our intuition and is a false-positive when it comes to success. Food numbs well (inspiration isn't found at the bottom of a bag of Miss Vickie’s, believe me, I’ve looked). We lean into ‘busyness’, telling our gut we just don’t have the time. We seeth at our gut to shut up and stop telling us our truth.

We need to cut that shit out. We need to make time for stillness, to listen closely to what wisdom our intuition has. We already have the answers we seek, we just need to be better listeners. Then, when we know what to do— we have to muster a little courage to just do it.

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We need to talk about the orange elephant in the room

Let's do the Brazillian wax version of this— quick but still incredibly painful. This weekend we finally got the Mueller report... sort of. Like a one night stand with a frat boy named Cole, it was too small and such a letdown. If you need a memory jog, Vox has got you.

We didn't actually get the report, it's still private. We have to go on the word of William Barr, the Attorney General of the U.S, who was hired by Trump. Sounds impartial. Barr is an establishment Republican potato who wrote a 19-page memo on why the President can't be indicted for crimes while in office. So he's the guy who, uh, decides if the President should be indicted for crimes in office? THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE.

Barr gave us a 4-page summary which Trump summed up in a tweet "NO COLLUSION", and sure, maybe just this once one of these toilet tweets was right. Mueller found that Trump did not collude with Russia. *heavy sigh* Mueller did not make a determination on whether or not Trump obstructed justice, which after a 2-year investigation is odd, but it is possible Mueller was punting the decision to Congress. Barr, the impartial angel of the judiciary,decided that nah, Trump didn't obstruct, and we should all move on.

We should not.

Meanwhile in Canada...
Stuff is going down here too, ya'll.

A Toronto lawyer called a 14-year-old girl a "sexually mature young woman" in an affidavit for a 2018 sexual assault case. Not this shit again, Gary (his real name). Gary McCallum made this statement while defending his client, oh no, The Kenora-Rainy River Districts Child and Family Services. He's the lawyer for family services, the agency responsible for protecting children. If you need to go break a teapot, I'll give you a minute here. Welcome back. The statement was made about a case involving a woman who brought a legal case against child protective services because she was assaulted by her foster father while in their care.

The good news? They fired Gary.

Toronto Police have acquired a new tool that sounds very 1984. The surveillance tech called ISMI catchers sweeps up information on bystanders' phones, as well as those targeted in a criminal investigation. Is anyone getting a "Dark Knight" flashback? Just me? The Toronto Police won't tell journalists how they will use or store the data it's collecting from hundreds or thousands of citizens, and we know it's already been used in 5 investigations. They're keeping this tech hush-hush, and it shouldn't be.

Something for the chills
When Miranda and Platt collab, everything is alright.

Something to make you laugh
A Shanghai Mule is like a Moscow Mule, but slightly less homophobic.

Something to try
I get a lot of notes from folks who want to make a career change, feeling stuck but don’t know what to do. This is for that. Prosper is a career coaching app that just launched by two amazing female founders in Toronto. I work with them and I love it. You can get a free coaching call for the next couple of weeks.

Something to make you throw a phone book
Planes are gross, but not for the reason you think.

Something for when you’re done reading that...
The power of women’s anger

Something to get you through
When people seek to undermine your dreams, predict your doom or criticize you, remember that they are telling you their story, not yours.
- Cynthia Occelli

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