We need to talk about the state of this bullshit

Good mornin' gorgeous. Look at you looking so fresh this early Wednesday, must be this temporary spring thaw. Today's love letter comes after a bonkers late night watching Trump's 'State of the Union'. It was a weird one, fam.

Before we get into all that nonsense, let's get into some real talk. I learned something vital from burning out (hard) a few years ago— we need to protect our energy.

As I’m writing this, I’m bailing on an event I bought a ticket to. It’s the best decision I’ve made in a while. Our bodies and minds give us signals when we’re overloaded, and we’re experts at ignoring them. We fall easily into the cult of busyness. Busyness makes us feel important and needed, so we say yes to the extra coffee, the extra dinner, the drinks with coworkers after a long day— and then the dread sits in. Saying yes to a 12 hour day is different than having to live it, and time and time again we set ourselves up to fail.

Here’s the thing; you get to choose. You get to control how your life is designed. You do have a say, feel free to say no.

Take a mental health day. If you’re sick, stay home. Bail on your shitty friend Karen, (sorry Karen). Say no to having your brain picked.

Humans are just another type of mammals. Have you ever checked out what lions do for most of their days? They lie in the sun. The kings of the damn jungle spend the majority of their time chilling the fuck out. You deserve a little of that.

Protect your time and energy the same way you'd guard a too-drunk friend at a skeezy nightclub. When you do that, baby, you'll be feelin' good as hell.


We need to talk about Doug, ugh, again

Doug Ford, everyone’s favorite Mr. Burns / Homer Simpson remix, is back in action with a new plan to help evict people faster. How characteristically evil of you, Doug. Ford plans to slash the wait times for eviction notices, and allow private bailiffs to evict tenants. This comes shortly after a deep freeze that had four people experiencing homelessness die so far this year. Last winter almost two people experiencing homelessness died per week.

In November, Ford’s government lifted rent controls on new housing, at a time where an average 1 bedroom in Toronto will run you $2,200/month. Why do this to Ontarians who want rent control? The landlord lobby is Netflix and chilling with the Conservatives, as one of the largest donors to the Ontario PC party. Ah, there it is.

Soon, thanks to these assholes, renting in Toronto will resemble the Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor.

If you’re barking mad, call your MPP, tell them you want rent control and you don’t want easier evictions.

We need to talk about the state of this bullshit

Last night was the State of the Union. It was a weird night complete with a bunch of Republican white dudes giving standing ovations for phrases like "America saved freedom". Trump played the hits, anti-immigrant racism, anti-abortion, pro-criminal justice reform?! Uh, sure, we'll take it. Trump made a bonkers statement about late-term abortion and infanticide, referencing a badly communicated Virginia bill out of context. It was gross and sexist. Shocking. Hold on to your reproductive freedoms, the Republicans are setting themselves up to make our baby-making-bits a war zone for the 2020 election.

Despite the long, boring, racist, sexist, warmongering speech— there were some cool moments last night. The democratic Congresswomen wore white to honor the suffragettes. They also wore pins reading 'ERA Yes' referring to the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment, a throwback to The Notorious RBG's days fighting to get equal rights between the sexes ratified into the Constitution. It's a cool story. Nancy Pelosi sitting behind Trump, not clapping, was a mood.

Stacey Abrams's rebuttal was strong, positive, and inspiring. She was the antithesis to the hatred and nonsense Trump spewed from his garbage hole. That's what a leader sounds like.

Something necessary for your Wednesday
We’re not about your brojections, Karl. Purl is my girl.

Something to make you laugh
Alanis knows it’s not ironic, but she just wants one woman. Seriously.

Something to fire you the hell up
We don’t deserve Ellen Page

Something to start your day to
Lizzo knows that if she’s shinin’, everybody gonna shine.

Something to get you through


Thank you for popping by this little letter today. Let's take a deep breath together as we go into Wednesday. A small ask for today, one of my biggest goals is to grow this community this year. If you dig it, please tell some friends.