We need to talk about a rock and a hard place

Good morning gorgeous. It's so lovely to see your face on this weirdly humid fall morning. Grab a mug of caffeine and pull up a chair, it's time we caught up. A lot is happening. Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump yesterday evening. Trump tried to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden's family, and that was the last straw for the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi just took a DNA test, turns out, she's 100% that bitch. Put on your impeachment hats, friends, it's justice time.

A lot is happening and it's hard to keep up, so before we get into it, let's talk about fuck-budgets

It's been a tough ride for us these last couple of years— we care about people, the environment, progressive politics, women, and, kindness. Between Trump, Ford, Scheer, Trudeau not being able to remember how many times he did black and brownface, and the planet warming towards a Mad Max situation, it feels like a constant barrage of hot wet garbage to the face.

When there is too much to feel, sometimes it's easier to turn it off. To numb our emotions with blanket forts, Riesling, and cookies. It's easier to choose not to read the article, engage in the discussion, vote in the election, pay attention to yet another democracy-eroding scandal. Sometimes it's just too damn much, amirite?

But then I heard Cory Booker say something that shook me out of my funk:

Too often we allow our inability to do everything prevent us from doing anything.

The blanket fort is easy, but it doesn't help, and no one ever made a bad situation better by binging Brooklyn Nine-Nine in their PJs. When we feel responsible for every single issue, it's too much— we need to break it down to keep from drowning in it. You can give a fuck without having to give all of your fucks. We need to budget our fucks, so we can impact change without getting the urge to hide.

Remember, people without any fucks left aren't cool, they're powerless.

We need to use our fucks wisely, and not give up our power in the face of so much nonsense. There is one key way we can take out power back. We can vote.

Even when the choices suck, we deserve to have a say in who leads us, and the policies we are down for or against. We can research our local leaders, and vote for the ones who align with our values. We can text our friends and remind them to vote too. We can host a dinner party to celebrate participating in the kind of imperfect, fucked up democracy some people dream of having. We have skin in the game, so at the very least, we need to play.

We've created a guide to voting in the Canadian Federal Election, and also gin cocktails.

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{wntta} a rock and a hard place

Last week we all woke up to news breaking on Justin Trudeau dressed up in racist blackface and brownface at parties through his youth, 18 years ago when Justin was a boyish 29. Youths, amirite? Anyway, now we have three photos and one video of Justin's black and brownface, and they're racist and disgusting. A reminder: race is not a costume. Black and brownface aren't about dressing up as racialized celebrities, they have deep roots to slavery and horrifying racism. Blackface is a white supremacist tradition, used to demean and dehumanize racialized people. Canada has a troubling history of it.

Trudeau is "deeply sorry" and is unsure if more photos are out there. Comforting.

Here's the thing we so often forget when we view Trudeau in a progressive hued light; JT grew up in Canada's White House and his father was the Prime Minister. That's is not a chill amount of privilege, so of course he isn't the woke bae of our pussy hat knitting fantasies. He's a straight white man who grew up with political power and incredible wealth — and he has skeletons in his walk-in closet. He doesn't deserve the pedestal we have placed him on, and we need to judge him less on what he says at the mic and more on his character, actions, and policies.

Regardless, this sucks. Canada has two leaders neck and neck in the polls: Trudeau, who has a history of racism, and Sheer who, if elected, would enact racist, anti-woman, and pro-gun policies. This isn't a two-party system, but no other leader is polling above 15%, so the practical among us don't need tea leaves to see the future.

Now isn't the time to shut down. We need to engage more than ever, to vote, to hold our representatives accountable to their promises, and if we don't feel represented by them, to run for their jobs.

Something to make you feel and raaage
Greta Thunberg isn't here for your climate change platitudes, UN Council.

Something to make you laugh
How to plan a wedding in 10 steps.

Something to make you laugh, harder
Send nudes.

Something to make you snort-laugh through your tears
Wait, you're saying Justin Trudeau might... suck?

Something to get you through
But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

- Albus Dumbledore

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