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The Dame Tips: Your Qs and Her As

(...) The one thing I absolutely know for certain is that you never know what will happen. Whatever route you take to finding love, your attitude is the most important part. Be open, my dear, and take care of yourself. Take breaks. Don’t judge a book by its cover, difficult though that may be in the superficial age of swiping right. You have one life, my darling – at the very least fill it with good stories of a person with excellent character. Such a person is bound for love: love from a partner, love from friends, love of self.

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The Dame Tips: Wedding Edition

Oh, my loves, it’s the time of year again where your friends and cousins and partner’s cousin’s friends are gathering their loved ones and grade school BFFs turned acquaintances to have an expensive party justified by true love. You’ve guessed it (or maybe your wallet is already whimpering): it’s wedding season.

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The Dame’s Tips for mating season

Ahh, spring: such a time to be alive. No matter where you are, the (yet coming) winter thaw means mating season is upon us – for rabbits, other *waves hand dismissively* wildlife, and for humans already wet for a summer romance. This month I’ve decided to impart wisdom that will help you pair off, and hopefully get off, in the new old-fashioned way: online...

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