WNTTA's Guide to the Canadian Federal Election


The Canadian Federal Election is just around the corner and we’ve created a guide to help you through. Even when the choices suck, we deserve to have a say in who leads us, and the policies we are down for or against. We can and should research our local leaders, and vote for the ones who align with our values. We have skin in the game, so at the very least, we need to play.

Hike up your socks, the election is scheduled to take place on October 21st, 2019.

Pre Election Day To Do’s

  1. Find your candidate

    Not sure who to vote for exactly? It’s important to know about major policy decisions and where each party stands. Look up your MP and their voting record. Look up the platforms of your candidates, and see how well they align with your values. You can use the Vote Compass quiz to help understand how your values align to the current political landscape.

  2. Have an existential crisis

    Are they good? No, not really. But fuck, this is what we’re dealing with this year, and 2019 would be the year of racist faux-progressives and pro-gun a-holes. Do you still have to vote? Yes. Yes, you do, Susan. You have to get your coat on and trudge down the street to participate in the kind of democracy people all over the world are rioting for.

  3. Learn the platforms

    Not sure what the party platforms are? This Globe and Mail article provides an overview of where each party stands on key policy issues. Figure out where you are aligned, and make a plan to vote.

  4. Have a gin.

    You’ve done your part for democracy today, so have a cocktail in celebration of your contribution to making a better world. It may be an unhappy hour, but at least there’s gin.

Election Day: How to Vote

  1. Make sure you are registered to vote.

    If you don’t know if you’re registered, or if you need to update your address, you can click here to get that straightened out. Vote on election day (October 21st, 2019) at your ridings polling station. You should receive a voters card in the mail with your info.

  2. What to bring

    You will need to bring a form of ID that proves your identity and a confirmation of your address. A piece of official mail addressed to you will work.

  3. Poll Hack

    If you are not already registered, you can register at the polls. They will sort you out.

  4. To the students living away from home

    If you consider your university home your address with a piece of ID that reflects it, you are set to go. If you don’t have ID with your university home address on it, mail in your vote.

  5. Vote early

    If you have plans the day of the election, or if you’re travelling you can vote in advance. The information to do so will be on your voter registration card. Advance polls are open on these days from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM:

    • Friday, October 11

    • Saturday, October 12

    • Sunday, October 13

    • Monday, October 14

  6. On vacay or living abroad?

    If you are out of the country this election period, you can still vote! Apply to mail in your vote here.


    Your employer is required to provide you with 3 hours paid to vote. Bank it in and get out to vote.

  8. Dear Kim Kardashian

    No, you are not allowed to take a selfie inside the polling station.

  9. Have additional questions?

    You can call a support line or find additional information on accommodations here.

  10. You know the drill..

    Time for a gin cocktail.

Love you.