You’ve been bitten by someone who’s hungrier than you


You probably have magic rattling around in your brain, looking for a way out into the world. We talk about our magic to our friends and family all the time— that book we’ve been meaning to write, or the company we’ve been meaning to start.  That something we need to create, write, launch but just… haven’t yet. Time, money, inspiration, there is always a reason our ideas haven’t made their way out into the world.

We make excuses, telling ourselves we’re not good enough. We ask, “Who am I to dream so big?”. We do nothing. Our dreams stay dreams.

Breaking news—talking about something isn’t actually doing it. Telling your friend all of your juicy ideas over a boozy brunch won’t get you further ahead—but skipping that bougie two-hour meal in between breakfast and lunch, sitting down, and starting, will.

You’ve been bitten by someone who’s hungrier than you. - Muse

Then someone else does it. Not exactly the thing you talked about at brunch, but something close enough. Someone else writes the book, builds the app, launches the company. Not someone better, more talented, or smarter— just someone who, instead of not doing it, did it.

“How dare they,” you think to yourself as a wave of jealousy smacks you in the face. But that’s the thing. They dared. They had the courage and vulnerability to take their idea, combine it with some damn hard work, and turn it into something real.

Someone else sacrificed the mimosas, sleep, and Netflix to get shit done. They bit you.

You’ve been bitten by someone who’s hungrier than you.

Now, this doesn’t mean there is less opportunity left over. There is enough space in this world for everyone's art to live in it. Success isn’t a measure of intelligence, or creativity, or even talent. It’s usually just a measure of doing the damn thing.

Working your brilliance, sharing your gifts, taking the scary and vulnerable step of letting your magic out of your head and into the world. It’s work, and it’s a grind. That’s why the hungriest among us win.

The question you have to ask that art rattling around in your brain is: how hungry are you?